Sunday, May 25, 2014

Origin Story Sunday

In honor of Memorial Day, I am going to start this project off with my Pink Camouflage Duck, also known as Camo Claire or just Claire.

To the untrained eye, Claire might seem like any other rubber duck, but she is really a member of an elite group of ducks dedicated to keeping bathtubs safe. This team of floating heroes fights off spiders and other creepy crawlies looking to ruin your squeaky clean fun. They are known as the Quacking Crusaders.
Claire and her crusaders have traveled the world, ridding households of the most vicious drain dwellers imaginable. From the blizzards of Canada to the romance of France to the pyramids of Egypt.
After several close encounters with various water monsters, Claire decided to go undercover as an ordinary rubber duck available at your local Walmart. That's where I picked her up, and there hasn't been a spider in my shower since.

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