Saturday, January 31, 2015

Second Favorite Holiday

I love Valentine's Day. I have ALWAYS loved Valentine's Day, even when I was totally single and absolutely hopeless. So as January ends, PINK is taking over my apartment. 


This newest little duckling lights up and has hearts all over her body. My amazing grandma bought it for me the week my mother-in-law died. Everyone knows that nothing lifts my spirits like a rubber duck. 

The striped blanket was made by my best friend/name twin's extemsly talented mom. It was part of a blanket exchange! I got this beautiful, warm blanket in exchange for sewing Jaymi and her mom's blankets together. There's were made from fleece and fake fur. My office is actually still covered in fake fur. 

The other blanket (on the black couch) is flannel. It was a fabric I found at JoAnn one day with my grandma and I HAD to have. I thought I was pretty pink so the flaming skulls really appealed to me.  My grandma bought it and then she quilted it on the (then) brand new quilting machine with my little sister. 

On the shelf in the back is a cute picture of my husband as a little kid, and a Valentine's Build-A-Bear I made with my mom and sisters a long, long time ago. My mom had just gotten her tax return and took us there and I fell in love with this little bear that "blows kisses" because it's hands attach to its cheeks. 

Hmm. Maybe I love Valentine's Day because of all the memories. Here's to making some new ones this year. 😘

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