Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Investigation Continues

With no new leads, Sherlock decided to interview all of Betty's friends who were with her Sunday night.

First he talked to Billy. Unfortunately, Billy had been called away soon after the party started, so he didn't know much. He told Sherlock to talk to Jack.

Jack was very cooperative, talking Sherlock through the entire night. Betty spent most of the night with Frenchy, and when everyone left, Betty left with her.

Frenchy wouldn't say anything. Sherlock told her silence looked suspicious but Frenchy is keeping her mouth locked up tight! Since there is no evidence, Sherlock had to let her go.

Finally Sherlock tried to talk to Martha. Poor Martha is still so upset, though. She couldn't make a coherent sentence, so her boyfriend Frank had to be explain for her.

After interrogating everyone he could think of, Sherlock is finally feeling like he might have a break in the case! It should be wrapped up soon.

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